Silence is golden…

Listening to or, more correctly, flicking past Radio 3 in the car on my way to work, I didn’t expect to hear anything of interest, never mind something that would motivate me to blog (I think that’s a verb now-a-days).

In any case, I heard tell of an experimental performance called Gold Dust that is to be part of the Cut and Splice festival at Wilton’s Music Hall on 25th October. This alone is not that interesting but the announcer went on to state that, to take part in this event, the performers (Matthew Lee Knowles and Neil Luck) must be isolated in adjacent hotel rooms for four days before hand. They are not allowed to eat, imbibing only liquids, and must attempt to move, sleep and think as little as possible. No contact with the outside world is permitted during this period, but they must update a blog with their experiences of the process. After their four days of isolation, they go straight to the venue and begin playing together.

Well I thought it sounded pretty cool, a bit weird and most certainly different, so here you go:

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