Chun-Li’s awesome thighs HD remix

The trailer for Capcom and Udon’s re-development of Super Street Fighter II has hit the internet.

Needs to be seen in HD for the full effect, even so, awwww Yeah!

The only cloud in my sky is there still hasn’t been an official release date set.


A date has been set, it misses my favouritest day of the week by a day, so expect me to be playing it next… Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Chun-Li’s awesome thighs HD remix

  1. Only Capcom would use a song containing the line, “history repeats itself” for a game they’re releasing for the 223rd time. I think I may have lost count of the number of times I’ve paid for Street Fighter 2 now. From the Amiga version (featuring such classic moments as Guile saying “GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN!” to a vanquished Chun Li) to some obscure Japanese GBA version I picked up in a charity shop for next to nothing.

    Why no next-gen re-release for Shaq Fu?

    … Oh yeah.


  2. Ralph

    Congratulations! You’re the first person to leave a comment who isn’t an editor or someone romantically associated with an editor. Mazeltov!

    Yeah, I had the Amiga version before I upgraded to the Mega Drive version (thank you Crack and Copy)it was pretty broken (single button control FTW). Check this bad boy out though. I remember seeing this in the last ever issue of your sinclair. Thankfully it was never completed.


  3. A charming version to be sure. With a multiload which scanned the entire tape for each character – and had to be reloaded after every bout if I recall correctly.

    Times were simpler then …


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