More of 2008 in list-form.

One of us had to, and I thought I’d jump on the end of the year bandwagon.

2008 will for me be known as the year I stopped reading, apart from my usual cover to cover of The Hogfather in the run up to Xmas I can’t think of another new (or new to me) novel I read in 2008, there must have been one, but seriously I can’t think which.

2008 was also the year I re-discovered Heavy Metal, both the film and the genre.  In the first instance all thanks to a recent episode of South Park, and the latter just because every album I’ve heard this year has been pretty damned Awesome, also the fact that 2008 was another year without a new Green Day album (Unless you count Stop, Drop and Roll by the Foxboro Hot Tubs, which I don’t) led me down a darker more head-bangery route.

In Movies 2008 showed us all that Pan’s Labyrinth Wasn’t a fluke and when it comes to horror movies Spain is really where it’s at at the moment Rec and The Orphanage really push home everything that’s wrong with Hollywood horror movies and the current trend for SFX in creating what is essentially (Daily Mail Moment Warning) torture porn.  (Ban this sick filth.)

Gigs in 2008 were fewer and further between than I’d would’ve liked, but what are you gonna do?  This year was dominated by the fact that I finally went to see Bon Jovi (no, I’m not being ironic).  Bon Jovi was like a gateway to harder rock’s, the first hit my mum approves of but the rest is gonna cost me, sort of thing.  To finally see them live was akin to being ten years old again only with access to a hell of a lot of beer.  On that note my hero of the year award goes to Twickenham, the home of British Rugby, a fine venue for a gig, and sponsored by Greene King so therefore having the best gig beer tents ever.

Gaming in 2008 saw me first abandon my Xbox 360 in favor of PC gaming, then abandon my PC in favor of the Wii and DS, then abandon Nintendo and buy another 360 (the circle is now complete).  On all formats however RPG’s held sway.

Right.  Enough pre-amble, list time.


  • Wall e (A Stanton)
  • The Orphanage (Technically 2007, but not released in the UK ’till 2008) (J A Bayona)
  • The Mist (F Darabont)


  • Guitar Hero World Tour (Activision)
  • Fable II (Lionhead)
  • The World Ends With You (Square Enix)


  • Death Magnetic (Metallica)
  • Black Ice (AC/DC)
  • Along Came a Spider (Alice Cooper)


  • The Kaiser Chiefs (Turns out they’re not all that great)
  • Living in a hotel (gets real old real fast)
  • Green Day (It’s been four years now FFS!)

Going Forward…

  • New Green Day album in 2009.
  • Blogging more, sorry Ralph-fans.
  • Fighting my crippling WOW addiction (just 20 more levels man.)

All the best for 2009 y’s all.

5 thoughts on “More of 2008 in list-form.

  1. Ado

    Guitar Hero: World Tour??? Oh my sir, have you not played Rock Band??? So the instruments are better in GH:WT but that’s it. Game-play and song selection are far, far superior with the original developers and not these wannabees with a license they’ve never earned…

    Indiana Jones not in the disappointments?? Really that should be in the top downers of the century thus far…

    Oh and I’d have thrown in Fallout 3 for the gaming uppers. What a beautifully horrible world they’ve made for us to explore, oh it’s real swell :o)


  2. Ralph

    GH every time man, no I have not played Rock Band yet, gonna pick up a stand-alone copy now I’ve got the instruments, Which came with the GHWT game, as opposed to me having to buy them separately, net saving to me around the fifty pound mark. I like the song selection in GH:WT, it have many, many classics, sadly tho it turns out the band play-list could have used some tweaking.

    Indiana Jones wasn’t bad, not Episode Three bad, it was average, seen much worse, seen much better.

    Fallout three’s good, but didn’t get included ’cause I’ve just not played enough to really fall in love with it, gonna be a slow burner, just like Oblivion.


  3. Addendum: My lists
    Best games:
    – Fallout 3
    – Passage
    – Dead Space

    Bestest Movies:
    – Rec
    – Son of Rambow
    – The Mist

    Crying shames:
    – Far Cry 2
    – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    – Diary of the Dead

    Things to look forward to:
    – Watchmen (maybe 2010)
    – Love (the MMO)
    – Star Trek


  4. Ado

    Serious Ralph-man, once you’ve played Rock Band I can’t see you going back. Brand loyalty’s a bitch, but I can understand where you’re comin’ from…

    Game of the Year contender has to be “World of Goo” too, it doesn’t even have a number, subtitle or year attached as well :o)

    Movies-wise “Tropic Thunder” was a highlight, delivering on almost every promise it made in the trailers.

    Also this, year I discovered the joys of Jonathan Coulton and Flight of the Conchords. Both very good and ey’ve seen me through some tough times… ok so they aren’t as serious and ‘heavy’ as the ‘proper’ bands, but I’ve found them most refreshing and between them they’ve reinvigerated my interest in music, as all the rest is getting a bit same-y these days…

    PS, good call Gazz, dispate the apologist Ralph’s protestations it IS one of THE worst films ever made. I’d watch Episode 3 every night for a month rather than sit through that thravesty again.


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