Serenity: Back in Space

Gentlegeeks, but a few times in our lives can we indellibly stamp our mark upon this world dominated by those with fine motor control and the ability to supress excitement at 80’s arcade machines. This is our Waterloo!

Do your duty now, and vote for the name of the new node of the International Space Station. Your choices are Earthrise (pish), Legacy (ohmigodno), Venture (is this Star Trek?) and Serenity. Yes true believer, using the power of the internet we can once again launch Serenity into the black (kinda).

In other Serenity related news I watched Sands of Oblivion this weekend, featuring Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin. Don’t bother, even though it has Homer Simpson as the legendary Cecil B. DeMille it still be tripe.

Also, speaking of Waterloo.

Muchos danke to Cinematical

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