World of Subways

As you may be aware, the chums here at Stuporcollider love us some survival horror and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Resident Evil 5 with great antici…
pation. To tide us through until Friday (WHEEE!) here’s a trailer for World of Subways Vol.2:

Well, that’s going on my to-buy list!
Also, while I was watching the trailer for Resi 5 I noticed that they’re remaking Last House on the Left. STOP IT!

2 thoughts on “World of Subways

  1. Owen

    I like Subway, they do great sandwiches. Plus, and this can’t be stressed enough, there was way too much “Blue Cock” in the Watchmen movie, they could have had one in the top-right of the screen permanently and it would probably have had less screen time than when dangling from Dr Manhattan.


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