Buy This Stuff: JoCo DVD!

Since I’ve resubscribed to WoW I can only spend my time levelling, not posting. Instead here is a video of a man 75% of the SC staff would perform acts of coitus on singing my very favourite song..

If you love Jonathan Coulton as much as we do then buys his new live album and/or DVD.

–==||PLUG ENDS||==–

3 thoughts on “Buy This Stuff: JoCo DVD!

  1. Gazz

    Heh, that makes us ahead of the curve right 😀 Also, like MRSA his music is growing on me, just not sure if I could listen to it for more than 20 minutes or so before I would need to switch back to ‘real’ music…


  2. Ralph

    Apart from being Awesome. The second best thing about this set was when I pre-ordered it I was able to download the tracks from the website. So I don’t have to wait weeks for the CD to get here from the states. Win!


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