The Guild Music Video

Okay, we all know Felicia Day is the new hotness thanks to Dr Horrible and Kari Byron getting knocked up but this is just silly.

For the reality impaired, Ms. Day produces and stars in The Guild, a web show about MMO players. The show is remarkable because it bears the title of ‘web show’ and is actually good. All of this of course, is pretence to show you this:

Did I mention the +52 dexterity vest? I’m pretty sure I did.

3 thoughts on “The Guild Music Video

  1. Ado

    Ok, so this might make me weird but I find neither Ms. Day attractive nor would I say The Guild is anything above Par (it’s very much a 0 on the R-S scale for me).

    Now, don’t misunderstand me, Felicia has a reasonable body and is (at least for the purposes of public image) a mild geek. She just seems so blah to me and she’s not a particularly good actress, she’s more in the Michael Cera school of acting (i.e. playing basically herself which equates to being a slightly quirky generally normal looking type of girl). She’s this year’s post-adolescent poster girl who seems to have garnered acclaim for being in Joss Whedon productions and knowing vaguely what an MMO is.

    In essence, I think I’ll wait for the next band wagon this time round.


  2. Ado

    No, not really. Perhaps if the show was any good, with more than passible jokes and there was more production level than a advert. I’m not sayin the girl’s a dog or anythin she’s just normal lookin with a small amount of “boy’s toys” knowledge. Well done for finding a niche and all that duck, but it’s hardly genius to jump on the zeitguiest of a gaming generation and make a few surface level in-jokes.

    It is nice up here. I can see the wood from the trees…


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