Welp, I got nothing to write, so I’m gonna dump a load of videos found by people that aren’t me.
That’s right kids! You too can be a huge slacker and achieve nothing! YAY!

How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking:

Courtesy of the lovely Ectoplasmosis

The rather marvellous MC Frontalot’s track First World Problems:

Courtesy of the happy mutants at the Boing Boing

A Crab:
Look it’s just a crab. I can handle this. It’s fine, just sitting there. No it’s OK, this isn’t freaking me out at OH MY GOD! PUT IT BACK! GHAAAA! MAKE IT STOP DADEEEEEEEEE!

Yep, more from the Mother Boing

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Daleks:

Courtesy of Topless Robot (via, -sigh- Boing Boing. Sorry)

Hitch is my hero…

Courtesy of Coilhouse

Not really the character from Preacher, but a new dance craze called ‘Surra de Bunda’. Probably NSFW, but you wanna be fired, right? So you can live your life like me? Your new god?

If you watched that to the end, I pity you.
Another from Ectomo

One thought on “VIDEO DUMP:> Part the DEUX

  1. Neil

    I just found a video reply to that first video? You know, the one you’ve forgotten because the crab thing blacked you right out and you woke up all sore and sticky? Yeah. Go and watch this:


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