New Vegas: Double Hardcore Mode

With the release of Fallout: New Vegas in The States, my excitement in anticipation of this RPGFPS is just about peaking. Whilst sitting around at work, day dreaming of what I might be able to do and what may lay in wait for me to discover, I’ve toyed with many things. Top most of my “to-do” list is that I MUST play the game in the new “Hardcore Mode”.

“Hardcore Mode” is something that was first introduced in PC Mods of the original Fallout 3 game and turns the more forgiving aspects of surviving the wastes into something more realistic and, in that case, much harder. Dehydration and malnutrition become as lethal as any Deathclaw or Super Mutant Behemoth you might stumble across. Add to this, weighted ammunition and a kaleidoscope of harsh effects the multitude of drugs can cause and the game becomes a survivalists dream (or nightmare, depending on their masochistic tendencies). Saving your last irradiated box of Insta-Mash for the long trek back across the desert will be a necessity and searching the toilet bowls of a petrol stations smallest room for whatever liquids may remain will become common practice.

Thanks to "tocsik" for these lovely real-life labels

“Ok,” say some of you, “but wont that make it more difficult and less fun as a result?”

“Perhaps,” I reply, “but I think that’s the point. The sense of achievement will be increased and the entire atmosphere of the game will be ratcheted up, off-setting any loss you might feel”

In that spirit then, I dreamed up and now introduce an idea for to increase my personal gaming toughness; “Double Hardcore”, which basically boils down to this single statement:

Playing Fallout: New Vegas in “Hardcore Mode”, but only having one life to play with. Once your character dies, that’s it, end of story, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and start from the beginning all over again.

Saving can be done as much as desired of course, so the player can stop whenever is needed, but the main aim is to start the game, sort the settings out and just play as one person for as long as is possible.

I got the dispatch notice for my copy yesterday, so I can hopefully kick my plan for “Double Hardcore Mode” into gear sometime on Friday. I’ll then update this here blog on how it went and, even more hopefully, give a running commentary on the happenings in the life of my persistent avatar at that time and perhaps in future too.

Undoubtedly it’s gonna be a scary-ass time in the New Vegas wasteland, but it’s certainly gonna be an adventure too.

5 thoughts on “New Vegas: Double Hardcore Mode

  1. Oh my days. That is the best idea in the world. I am honestly so excited for hardcore mode. I was pretending as best as I could in Fallout 3. I’d carry some water and some food and sleep when I could. I’d also hang out in Moriarty’s, or go eat out at The Brass Lantern when I was back home in Megaton. I want the whole RP experience, especially as I play as myself. TOTAL IMMERSION! o/

    I got my copy today, but haven’t got much past making my face. My last character was pretty spot on, but this one is hovering between Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lynn Scully from Neighbours. D: I’ve spent hours trying to sort it out.

    I nearly collapsed when I heard the first character speak. Do you know about the voice actors? If not, don’t look it up! You will be pleasantly surprised (I think!). You’ll have to let me know. 😀

    I’m totally up for seeing how long I last on hardcore, and I love the idea of once you die, you die. I was really blasé in Fallout 3 sometimes. “Oh, it’s going to take me ages to get down off this cliff. I’ll just jump!” STIMPAKS. I like the idea of being forced to be cautious and sensible. But yeah, we’ll see how long I last!

    Oh, here’s my Fallout 3 tribute by the way! I was kinda embarrassed to post it, it’s very silly, but still! Hmmm. I wonder if I can use html here. Apologies if not! It’s over here if you get bored and want to take a look! It’ll while away a few HOURS. Or DAYS.


  2. Most certainly not for me!
    I usually hate playing games on hard mode as it is. It’s not that I’m no good, it’s just the frustration level gets me angry. True, I’m more happy when I beat that section, but it’s always tempered by the knowledge of the next dose of frustration around the corner.
    I’d much rather play a game with my feet up, enjoy the story or the strategy or whatever goofy mechanic the designers had dreamed up.


  3. WitchDrAsh

    I’m terrifyingly dis-interested in this sort of thing, it feels like a fun leech, really what I loved about Fallout was shooting things in the face with big guns, not having to worry about when to eat, when to sleep, to dig a hole to shit in, trying to avoid catching the clap etc

    We could always introduce a breath button, forget to press it for a minute or two and you suffocate due to your characters inability to remember how to breathe without player intervention.

    Ultimately you can take everything too far, and I really don’t want my enjoyment of a games story wrecked because Billy Bob The Mutant Hunter hasn’t had his beans today and is likely to collapse and die.

    It strikes me as a feature that would appeal to the small niche of people who enjoy sticking pick-axes in their foreheads to pass the time between infinite re-runs of the x-factor.

    And yes I’m in a bad mood..


  4. Neil

    Fallout 4: now with accurate inner-thigh-itching-I-caught-from-a-mole-rat simulation!

    There are actually realism based survival games out there, unfortunately the names of them escape both Google and I at the moment.


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